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Search Engine Optimization Hit Hard By Penguin

Last updated 6 years ago

Webmasters and business owners who engage in search engine optimization understand that they need to maximize the visibility of their website. SEO gives them the opportunity to target specific keywords for organic rankings and ensure that their sites are formatted appropriately. Sadly, many webmasters tend to focus on only one search engine in their SEO efforts. The object of their efforts is without a doubt Google. Google is the leading search engine on the Internet today and the company manages one of the most successful and profitable Internet advertising opportunities in existence. As such, the corporation needs to continuously refine its services and offerings in order to produce the desired results for its customers.

Google uses an algorithm to determine the appropriate webpages to be displayed when an individual uses the site to search a specific keyword. Through this algorithm the company has had to make several updates over the years to ensure that it is operating effectively. Through search engine optimization, some webmasters have found techniques and practices that will enable them to quickly increase in rank and ultimately beat out more legitimate websites through search. In an effort to combat this, Google will continually update the way it ranks websites and the criteria in which it does so. Recently Google updated its search algorithm to reflect a number of changes. This update was given the name Penguin. Prior to the Penguin update, Google’s previous algorithm revision was called Panda. The focus of the Penguin update was to specifically target any spammy back link techniques in addition to delisting any sites that utilize known exploitive blog networks.

Sadly, through the Penguin update many legitimate bloggers and site owners were affected negatively by this change in the algorithm. Some of the hardest hit were companies that provide search engine optimization services. Often times some of these services utilize what are known as black hat techniques in an effort to quickly rank sites to the top position in Google. Companies who do not utilize these methods and focus on the more positive or white hat techniques and quality content creation saw increase in their rankings. Google is proving that it is serious about spam and will not tolerate any techniques that are meant to exploit its ranking system. The company is focusing on quality content that proves useful to the intended audience. Content must be relevant to the site topic and provide value to the reader. This will ensure that they are looked upon favorably as Google’s aim is to provide its search customers with the most useful and relevant search results.

The Google algorithm changes will continue into the future, as individuals will find a way to circumvent these controls. Sites who continue to follow Google’s core recommendations will not see any negative impact from these changes. However, individuals who utilize a SEO firm that engage in black hat techniques without their knowledge run the risk of losing precious search rankings and may possibly even be delisted from the search engines altogether. If you are a site owner, ensure that your SEO consultant is not putting your site at risk.

What sort of successes and failures have you had finding the right SEO firm to manage your organic rankings?

About Alan Moore: Alan is an Internet Marketing Consultant with ReachLocal Baltimore.  His mission is to help you increase your revenues and decrease unproductive advertising expenses through proven, online marketing strategies.  He manages over $2,100,000 in yearly marketing budgets and has worked with local businesses, agencies and the US government.  Give him a call at (877)655-3438 to schedule a Free Online Marketing Consultation.

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