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Increase Your Website Traffic With Search Engine Optimization

Last updated 6 years ago

One of the first places people turn when looking for anything is a search engine.  With increasing numbers of websites out there, any search term will return page after page of results.  The average person will not usually look past the first or second page, therefore, you must ensure that your website be listed high enough in the results to garner attention.  This is the purpose of search engine optimization (SEO).

Search engine optimization is one of the keys that successful websites use to generate large amounts of hopefully meaningful traffic.  In fact, search engine optimization is such an important aspect of website design that an entire industry has developed around the subject with thousands of companies offering to help webmasters implement a search engine optimization strategy.

At the heart of SEO is quality content, relevant to what the user is searching for.  There are a number of methods that can be employed in order to establish an effective SEO strategy.  One of the most popular techniques is the use of keywords.  Keyword use refers to incorporating specific words that users are entering into the search engine.  The more times a keyword appears on a webpage within relevant content, the greater that page has a chance in ranking within the search results.

However, many webmasters have employed tricks that included keyword stuffing which is filling a page with excessive amounts of often irrelevant keywords.  As a result, the search engines have developed algorithms that now take this practice into account and penalize websites that employ this tactic by ranking them lower, or not at all.  So how are you supposed to optimize your website with keywords?  By providing quality content that is relevant to the users search terms.

For example, this article discusses the topic search engine optimization, and you might have found it by entering that phrase into a search engine.  In order to facilitate this, the phrase “Search Engine Optimization” and its abbreviation “SEO” have been incorporated into the text of this article several times.  Because the topic of this article is relevant to that phrase and this article is listed on a website that is relevant to the topic, this generates higher results in the search engine rankings.

Keyword use is most effective when used in conjunction with frequently updating your website to include new content.  Search engines will rank more frequently updated websites higher than those that are never, or rarely, updated.  Therefore to make the best use of keywords and help ensure that your page ranks higher, you should strive to incorporate new content into your webpage that contains search terms that are relevant to the subject of your webpage.  This is one of the main reasons behind the growing popularity of businesses using blogs since a blog inherently lends itself to frequent updates.

By frequently incorporating new keyword-specific content into your website or blog, you will begin to build your SEO strategy and effectively increase your website’s search engine ranking.

Does your business incorporate content marketing and search engine optimization to rank higher in the search engines?  What sort of success or failure have your encountered?

About Alan Moore: Alan is an Internet Marketing Consultant with ReachLocal Baltimore.  His mission is to help you increase your revenues and decrease unproductive advertising expenses through proven, online marketing strategies.  He manages over $1,800,000 in yearly marketing budgets and has worked with local businesses, agencies and the US government.  Give him a call at (877)655-3438 to schedule a Free Online Marketing Consultation.

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