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Google+ For Your Business

Last updated 6 years ago

Google+ has quickly become one of the leading social networking sites to compete directly with Facebook. The site was created by Google to gain traction in the growing social media market.  Google+ launched in June of 2011 and it was one of the fastest growing social media sites on the web. While it still lacks the membership of Facebook and LinkedIn, especially when dealing with the business aspect of social networking, the platform easily allows users to engage with each other. There are many similarities that Google+ shares with Facebook; however the site emphasizes giving user’s full control of their profiles and personal data. A Google+ profile is built around your typical Google profile. Everything is centered around Gmail and all of the other Google accounts that are interlinked. The site is very easy for a beginner to utilize and its unique features offer a new spin on the traditional model of social networking properties

One of the key drivers to the success of Google+ is the way that they approach the categorization of your friends. The company has created circles. Circles redefine the way we classify our friends and acquaintances by allowing the user a multitude of choices. You can create a circle to categorize the types of people you want to share information with. For example you could create a circle of business contacts and keep the information you share with them strictly on professional topics. Conversely you also have the ability to create circles for friends, family, and associates. By having this flexibility you can take more control over the information that you share and with whom. From a marketing perspective the circles allow companies to filter and direct their content with greater granularity.

For marketers and businesses alike, Google+ can help increase visibility and generate sales and conversions. Often times we see various companies utilizing rich media such as videos and tutorials to draw in customers and keep existing customers informed and entertained. Often times the platform is utilized in conjunction with other social media properties to create and interlinked content distribution network.  With the video tools such as the hangout feature in Google+, companies have been able to hold focus groups with new and existing clients. This has a tremendous impact, as this feature set was not available to individuals and businesses on such a grand scale. The ease at which it is incorporated into the Google+ platform allows for small and medium-size businesses to reach their customers just as effectively as larger companies do through these channels.

In and of itself, the Google+ platform is another essential tool in your social networking toolbox as a business or marketer. With its high adoption rate and ever-growing feature set, the social network is establishing a firm foothold in the social media landscape. It will be interesting to see the further developments that Google has planned for the platform. The company understands the importance of business integration and has taken steps to provide even more tools and services for business professionals and companies on the site. With tools like Google+ our disposal we are really seeing the true power of social media and social networking in today’s internet landscape.

Do you have a Google+ page for your business or personally?  Why or why not?

About Alan Moore: Alan is an Internet Marketing Consultant with ReachLocal Baltimore.  His mission is to help you increase your revenues and decrease unproductive advertising expenses through proven, online marketing strategies.  He manages over $1,800,000 in yearly marketing budgets and has worked with local businesses, agencies and the US government.  Give him a call at (877)655-3438 to schedule a Free Online Marketing Consultation.

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