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Gaining Attention with Social Media Marketing

Last updated 6 years ago

If you do not know that social media marketing is the newest “big thing” in advertising, then maybe you have not been living on this planet for the past couple of years. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have absolutely exploded recently and their presence has changed the world forever. Social media threw advertising for a loop at first, but now more and more businesses are getting involved. They’re starting to understand how they can use social media marketing effectively to reach all kinds of people that they would never have a chance to reach before. If you are not using social media in your marketing strategy, then you are missing out on one of the best opportunities possible.

Social media is an everyday “habit” for young people. One of the first things they do when they wake up in the morning is immediately log onto Facebook or Twitter. They even have access on their phones, so you can reach this audience on this platform even when they are not browsing at home. It’s not just a market for young people either. The older generations are also noticing the benefits of social media and many of them log in daily to keep up with family, friends and celebrities just like their younger counterparts.

Take a hint from the rest of your peers. Consider how many marketing professionals in the U.S. have indicated that they will begin to spend more on social media marketing and advertisements:  79 percent. Businesses that do not use social media marketing are going to get left behind. If you cannot adapt to a new platform, then you simply fail in any business. Be flexible and willing to spend some time using this new area in advertising.

By dividing the number of people on the planet by the number of Facebook users, we can tell that one out of nine people in the world use Facebook. That is a giant percentage! If you don’t use Facebook at all for your business, then you are losing out on that potential marketplace. Facebook users are more likely to check for a business’s Facebook Page whenever they become interested in that business. If you don’t have one of these pages, you might lose their interest. A Facebook Page is a way of connecting with your audience on a deeply personal level. You can respond directly to their concerns and can offer information to those who are actively looking for you.

If you are not using social media marketing appropriately, then you are simply  missing out on a high percent of your audience. All kinds of businesses nowadays have Facebook Pages or post tweets on Twitter. It is easy to sign up and get involved, so why not start immediately? Sure, it will take some time to design the right page and think about what you’re going to say.  But remember that it is important to get out there in the social media marketing scene as soon as possible.

How can you get involved with social media marketing? Start by making a Facebook Page and Twitter account. You can also get involved in other sites such as LinkedIn, MySpace, GooglePlus+, DeviantArt, LiveJournal or Pinterest. If you are not familiar with all of these websites, take a look at each one now. Maybe not all of them are appropriate for your type of business, but you can definitely pick and choose a couple from the list. You should be marketing on multiple social media websites in order to get the most out of this experience.

Do not make some common social media marketing mistakes. Remember that everything you say is now documented and accounted for. Be careful with your words and be kind to all of your potential customers. A good personality can go a long way. Watch out for offensive jokes, especially in your tweets through Twitter. It is easy to start thinking that the people following you understand and are supportive of anything that you do, but that is simply not the case. Be careful of anything that could offend anyone, unless that’s what you truly aim to do.

Learn from other businesses’ social media marketing. It is likely that a business in your industry already has a social media page. Check it out to make notes about what you like and don’t like. If you still cannot figure out how to get involved, there are social media marketing professionals that can help you if you are feeling lost. Of course, they do charge fees like everyone else, but they can be a lifesaver if you truly do not know what you are doing.

ReachCast is ReachLocal's award winning solution for business owners who wish to outsource their web presence optimization (Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Reputation Management rolled into one) to trained experts in the field of Internet Marketing.

In the end, it is important that you take advantage of this rapidly growing way of online marketing. Be sure to keep up with your social media marketing in order to properly reach all of your potential audience. Get involved before you get left behind.

Do you have a Social Media plan in action?  What is your Facebook or Twitter page?  Do you find it hard to attract fans to both pages?  Who or why not?

About Alan Moore: Alan is an Internet Marketing Consultant with ReachLocal Baltimore.  His mission is to help you increase your revenues and decrease unproductive advertising expenses thr

ough proven, online marketing strategies.  He manages over $1,800,000 in yearly marketing budgets and has worked with local businesses, agencies and the US government.  Give him a call at (877)655-3438 to schedule a Free Online Marketing Consultation.

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