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What In The Heck Is Online Display Advertising?

Last updated 6 years ago

I’m sure you’ve heard of the well-known saying, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you.”  Well guess what?  In this case, what you don’t know can hurt you, and here’s how.  Although some businesses are interested in exploring the opportunities of online display advertising, you might not know that a high percentage of online display advertising is never seen by its intended audience.  Now don’t get me wrong here.  I’m not saying online display advertising is a wasted expense, but I am saying online display advertising is beneficial only if you tie it with retargeting (at ReachLocal, we call it remarketing). 

Why Online Display Advertising By Itself Can Be Unsuccessful

According to a recent study performed by Comscore, an average of 31% of online display advertising is never seen by the target audience (remember, this is an average).  Why?  Think about your own online experience.  Sometimes, the online display ads don’t load immediately on the page or you bounce from site to site and miss the ads altogether (Parker). 

How Online Display Advertising Can Be Successful With Retargeting

With retargeting, your brand is put back in front of your potential customer’s face (literally).  Here’s how it works. 

Once a prospective customer clicks on your online display ad, a piece of code is dropped onto their browser and essentially travels him or her around the Internet as they surf various websites.  Your online display ad then appears on these websites and your would-be customer is reminded of your brand.  When combined with retargeting, online display advertising builds stronger brand awareness for your brand, which increases conversions on your site (higher sales numbers for your business). 

Has your company ever run an online display advertising campaign?  If so, was it a success?

About Alan Moore: Alan is an Internet Marketing Consultant with ReachLocal Baltimore.  His mission is to help you increase your revenues and decrease unproductive advertising expenses through proven, online marketing strategies.  He manages over $1.4 million in yearly marketing budgets and has worked with local businesses, agencies and the US government.  Give him a call at (877)655-3438 to schedule a free consultation.

Read more about Comscore’s study at


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